Isaiah Zagar’s Magic Garden



     We tend to think of inspiring landscapes in terms of scenic vistas from a Kodak Moment,  or maybe the azure blue ocean lapping onto a pristine white sandy beach strewn with exotic shells.  Instead of these, Isaiah Zagar  had a weedy, garbage filled, vermin infested city lot as his landscape.    He turned it into an urban oasis using  empty bottles, broken dishes, bicycle wheels and whatever else looked interesting to him. 

     Philadelphia is an old town by American standards, full of tiny little streets and by-ways you can barely get your car down without holding your breath and praying.  But Zagar has spread his magic through many of the streets in my neighborhood.  You turn a corner and suddenly, standing before you is a wall festooned with glistening jeweled globs of glass, shards of mirror, tiles and dishes.  

     You can find out more about Isaiah Zagar by going to 

2 responses to “Isaiah Zagar’s Magic Garden

  1. My husband worked with Isaiah Zagar for a day as an assistant. Isaiah is very fast! That’s the main thing Eric remembers from that day…Living in Queen Village we were able to enjoy quite a bit of his work. As I recall he was inspired by Gaudi.
    Looking forward to seeing more blogging from you, Martha!

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