Zulu Telephone Wire Baskets

   Gold, diamonds,  coal and all kinds of metal come from mines in South Africa.   South Africa also has a rich tradition of craft work including beading (more on that later) and basket weaving.   Zulu miners took discarded pieces of brightly-colored phone wire and applied traditional principles of Zulu basket weaving to come up with basket designs that are complex and colorful.  The basket pictured above, which I bought on a trip to South Africa,  is just one example of this gorgeous art form.

When materials speak to you  and you listen,  anything is possible.

For more information on Zulu baskets, press Here.

One response to “Zulu Telephone Wire Baskets

  1. Worldesigns has a large selection of telephone wire baskets and plates made by the Zulus of South Africa:

    The modern baskets are made with wire specifically created for crafting, rather than reusing the old telephone wire, which used water soluable dyes so that technicians could locate leaks in a cable.

    Worldesigns is in the process of helping several collectives of South African telephone wire weavers to become financially independent. Many members or family members are HIV positive and live in desperate rural poverty. Often grandparents are raising grandchildren, their own children having died from AIDS related illness.

    Each piece is a unique, usable, exquisite art piece. Collective members specialize in their own unique weaving styles, allowing Worldesigns to offer a variety of shapes, techniques, plates, bowls, baskets, and art masterpieces. Custom volume and wholesale orders are our specialty and our landed stock is possibly the largest inventory in the U.S. We have also participated in prominent high-profile art exhibitions.

    It is our hope that this unique (survival) art form will find a broader audience. Our long term goal is to improve the standard of living of families to improve the quality of their homes, and provide education and medical help for their families.

    Every purchase provides an amazing gift and helps others across the globe. Simply amazing.

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