More Pictures from Synergy

The only problem with claiming that you took more than 300 pictures is that not all of them turn out.   But never mind.  There are some more pictures of old friends and new acquaintances all having a good time at Synergy.   And I still have more to come. But someone is going to have to tell me who that is sitting with Melanie West.  It’s a great picture of Melanie and I forgot who the other gal is!

5 responses to “More Pictures from Synergy

  1. Hi Martha. You even managed to get a decent picture of me! No, not the one where my back is to the camera, but the one with Libby Mills’ back to the camera (when we’re talking with Jana). The woman in the picture with Melanie is Betsy Baker–I met her in Seth’s class just prior to Synergy.

  2. Thanks for posting these pictures! I know what you mean about having over 300 pictures to go through! You’ve done a great job of putting names to the pictures. It brings back some really great memories. However, I believe picture #7 that you have labeled “International Attendees” is really the Synergy Team.

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