More Bracelets

Here more results from a bunch of bracelet experiments from about four or five years ago. I made the tile bracelets after watching Gwen Gibson’s bracelet video and the cuff bracelets after taking a class with Donna Kato. I learned the technique for the beads in the pink bracelet in a Margaret Maggio class.

4 responses to “More Bracelets

  1. I learned the cuff bracelets from Donna. I have seen the bangles with the elastic in many places. I am not sure who first came up with it, but it has been around for years. When I made these bracelets, I formed the clay around a thin knitting needle. It is even easier to make now with the Polymer Clay Express extruder hollow coring tool which makes a perfect tube with the hole right there.

  2. Gorgeous bracelets !!! You have used a variety of techniques very well. My favorite bracelet is the one with all the cane slice charms. I first saw the hollow bangles with the elastic in Debbie Jackson’s book Polymer Clay Jewelry. She also demonstrated this technique on a Carol Duvall Show segment.

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