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I watched The Jewelry Making Professor’s Puffy Heart tutorial and recommend it to all my beading friends who want to learn how to make the Puffy Heart. The video is sharply filmed and the viewer is right on top of the beading action. The Professor describes each step as she makes the heart, and you can follow along and pause the video when you need to. While this is not a beginner’s project the video has some clever ideas to help it along, like laying out the beads in groups for each step. The Professor also recommends using bigger (6mm) crystals while learning the project-a good idea when you are trying any new beading technique.

As an added bonus, The Jewelry Making Professor shows two methods for attaching the heart to a chain; one by making a beaded bail and the other with jump rings. If you want to learn to make Puffy Hearts, this is the perfect video for you.

When you’ve made a few dozen hearts and are wondering what to do with them, go to Suzanne Golden’s site for inspiration. Don’t get so excited by all her fabulous beadwork that you miss what she does with her hearts. Thanks to my friend Jeri Schatz for telling me about this wonderful web site.

5 responses to “More on Hearts

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  2. I have tried this video, (the online version) and I cannot follow it. Eri’s DVD Vol 2 “intro to beaded jewelry” is really great and very clear. I can’t seem to make the online tut larger like you can the DVD.
    I cannot get her to return an email since I got into this trouble.

    Do you have any idea if the DVD version is better than the online version? I don;t want to post a public question somewhere, perhaps Eri is on vacation or something?
    I don’t know why I am obssessed with this dang puffy heart. I think I will just buy one at Macy’s 😦

  3. I have only seen the on line version, but if it is a DVD, the image would be bigger. All I can suggest is not to give up. I think this is just about the hardest beading pattern out there. After I made one, it took me two months of working with the pattern most mights before I could make the next one. And I had a pretty good knowledge of right angle weave. I, too was obsessed with the puffy heart. This is a dang hard thing to make!

    You can make a streaming video image larger on your screen. Go to the menu bar on the bottom if the video box. There are three boxes in the right lower corner: a speaker box, a square with another square inside of it and a box with an arrow pointing up. Click on the the middle box (square with square) and the streaming video should fill your screen. If you want to make it small again, hit the escape key on your keyboard.

  4. Thanks so much! you won’t believe, my boyfriend sat down with a written pattern that I got really no where with, with absolutely no knowledge of beading/weaving etc, and whipped one up in less than 2 hours. The only problem, one side has an enlarged puffy spot near the top, I told him his heart has a little tumor!! Thank you, I will continue with my efforts………I think:?

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