A New Polymer Clay

robindemoRobin Milne    introduced her fellow members of the The Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild to a brand new clay at our last meeting!   Robin had been tapped to introduce Pardo Jewellery Clay manufactured by German Company Viva Decor at the Winter CHA Show in Anaheim, and she came back with clay samples and brochures.  What could be better?



Pardo Jewellery Clay comes in gumball-sized pieces packaged in 2.7 oz jars.  Robin said it has no odor when  raw or baking and it’s easy to condition.  It uses beeswax as a plasticiser in place of phthalates.

But is it durable?   Robin was  able to run it through her pasta m31achine on the thinnest setting without tearing and, when it was baked, she could tie it in a bow.  She could bend a cured bookmark-shaped piece of clay in a circle without breaking it.  Although the clay is on the soft side, she could produce decent canes with it.  And she was able to sand and buff it to a high shine.

Pardo Jewellery Clay comes in a beautiful range of jewel-toned colors, and the metallics contain plenty of mica. The manufacturer, Viva Decor,  says it can be mixed with other brands of polymer clay without a problem.  

Poly Play Clay, is  the only retail supplier I know of at the current time.  They don’t carry all of the 64 colors of Pardo Jewellery clay yet. Owner Trish Hodgens says that eventually,  however, they  plan to carry every color Viva Decor makes available to the United States Market.

Robin also recommends another Viva Decor product: Precious Metal Paints.   She’s tried thse high quality paints on raw and baked clay; they don’t scratch off and cover beautifully.  When the paint is applied to raw clay, allowed to dry, and run through the pasta machine, it crackles like metal leaf.  The mica in the pain is so small, you can use the paint for screen printing. And, Robin says, “the colors are amazing!” 

If you want to see what Robin has done with Pardo Jewellery Clay and Precious Metal Paints, press here.

I don’t know if anyone in the United States currently selling the Precious Metal Paints, but you want more information on them, check out U.K. supplier The Fruit Pixie.



9 responses to “A New Polymer Clay

  1. Pardo is a great clay. I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting with it, in my spare time, for the past few weeks. It’s sort of a combo of Premo and Fimo Soft, but it had no smell what so ever. I love that !

    The 23 colors are amazing and the samples a received from the manufacturer in Germany are mostly yummy metallic colors. I hear there are now a total of 64 colors. (So glad my birthday is not far off LOL)

    I put Pardo through it’s paces and it held up just fine through all my tests. It’s flexible, sands easily, mica shift looks good, takes stamped images with or without ink well, takes color transfers nicely, canes came out good…. I’m sure there is m ore, I’m just blank right now 🙂

    You can buy it directly from the US distributor All American Supply in Philadelphia by calling 1-800-944-2378 or http://www.screenprintsupply.com should have online ordering soon.

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  3. Ohhhh, a new clay! This is so exciting! Especially the bendable aspect of it.
    And the paints! I can’t wait to get my hands on those.
    Thank you for sharing!

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  5. PolyClayPlay has the Precious Metal Paint by Viva in addition to most of the colors of Pardo Clay. The price and selection is much better than going to Hobby Lobby. I am a customer not a site rep!

  6. Robin is an amazing artist with great skills and it was a pleasure meeting and learning from her and I wanted to thank every one for their responses and the wonderful report on Pardo Jewellery Clay. Viva Decor developed Pardo Jewellery Clay of course with jewelry in mind. The now 70+ colors out are coordinated with most crystals on the market. It is a soft clay and it may take some time to get use to when you want to do some caning, specially if you live in a HOT State you may want to put it in the freezer for a few min. All colors blend well and will mix nicely also with other clay.
    While Hobby Lobby carries 14 colors of the small Blister Packs and 4 colors of the jar, and is now available in all Hobby locations. If there are certain colors that you would like to see in Hobby Lobby please let the local manager of the store know what colors you would like to see.
    PolyClayPlay.com carries all colors of Pardo Jewellery Clay and all colors of the Precious Metal Colors. Trish has a lot of knowledge of the products and does answer every question.

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