The Glass Ceiling

Dale Chuhily gives a new meaning to the term “glass ceiling”. His blown glass creations grace the lobby ceiling of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.  I filmed it earlier this week between classes at Clay Carnival Las Vegas. I will post about that fabulous gathering soon.

I hope you enjoy the video.

2 responses to “The Glass Ceiling

  1. What a wonderful video of the Chihuly Exhibit! I was lucky enough to see his show in St.Petersburg several years ago and it was incredible!
    I have been reading your posts on jewelery (spoon bracelets) and found it fascinating! I have silverware and thought often on doing this as well and never took time but I think I will now!
    So far, this has been the most informative, interesting site I have run into in a long time. It is so nice that you share your experiences, pros & cons, trials & errors with all of us.
    Beautiful quilt work btw as well! Also glad my table isn’t the ONLY one out there with projects laying on them! Hehehe
    Ty for all your inspiration!

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