Spring 2012 in Bob’s Garden

It’s another Spring in my neighbor Bob’s sidewalk garden. Bob is getting a banana tree ready to pot and plans to get a palm tree. The koi pond is stocked with minnows and one laid back turtle. Bob fished a turtle out of the pond last Fall and brought it inside for the winter, but it died. So he was surprised when he saw Turtle paddling happily around in the water. Turtle was in the pond all winter and Bob didn’t know it. A happy turn of events, but when he puts water lilies in the pond, he will have to protect them from Turtle’s voracious appetite.
Here are some pictures.

Barbra chewed off her perch in the tree, so Bob made her a new one.

Turtle seems oblivious to the foot and car traffic on the street but when he hears the click of the camera, he dives and paddles away.

Maybe turtle is shy about shedding his shell.

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