The Big Reveal

Earlier this week, I wrote about the difficulties I had designing a necklace for today’s reveal even though my partner, Kristen Latimer of MJM Jewelry Designs, sent me so many beautiful beads and a silver toggle clasp. But I persevered

And ended up making two necklaces! With different designs. I’m not sure what happened. I started out to make necklace number two (below) and ended up with necklace number one. (Further down in the post). I used the focal bead in necklace number one and still had a lot of beads left along with the clasp. So I used the clasp as a jumping off point for a new focal piece and built necklace number two around it. I am happy with the results although I would not want to wear necklace number two in the hot weather we are having right now on the east coast of the U.S.

Necklace Number Two

There’s a lot going on in necklace number two and I wanted the components to hang correctly. I actually sat in front of a mirror for part of the process to make sure the components hung the way I wanted.

The dapped forms have a little pattern on the back made with a rolling mill.

The circle between the two beads on the focal is fused fine silver. The sterling silver dangle with the soldered ring was from a component I made and took apart. I was going to make bullet ends to finish the necklace but then I decided to wire wrap and chose steel wire over silver.

I used a combination of metals including brass, copper, sterling silver and iron. The tube beads are etched copper. I used scrap fabric and ribbon, but the blue is the ribbon that my partner Kristen Latimer of MJM Jewelry Designs used to wrap the package of beads. I dyed it blue and cut it down the middle.

And now for the piece where I used the focal bead and the steel wire I found on the sidewalk.

Necklace Number One

You can see how I used the piece of steel I cut from the round I found on the sidewalk. I capped the ends with brass washers and silver beads. And I did end up trapping the focal bead in a trapeze-like setting. It’s hard to ball the ends of wire when you have glass beads on them, but I had to do it to get the look I wanted. I was very careful because I had already tried this in an earlier version of the focal and did not want to push my luck! The pendant is on a thick rubber cord with a magnet closure. It does not need anything else.

I balled and wrapped all kinds of wire.

I made the lentil bead from copper I had etched. Them I wondered whether I could coat the bead with silver. I looked for information online and couldn’t find anything concrete. Well, since no one told me not to do it, I went ahead and did it. The other side if the bead is entirely silver coated but I like this side because you can see that the two metals together.

This was a learning experience! I doubt if I would have made either necklace if not for the Blog party. Thanks to Lori for organizing it and Kristen for picking the right beads!

Check out all of the other participants revealing their creations today. Press here for a list of the participating blogs.

90 responses to “The Big Reveal

  1. I LOVE your creations! So steampunk edgy! I have great respect for an artist who can work metal this way. I am most impressed. I LOVE Necklace No 1. Very, very cool…

  2. Martha!! Oh my gosh I’m so proud of you!!! You totally rocked those beads! I am in amazement at what you’ve created and I’m honored to have been your partner! Great job!! Very impressive!

  3. WOW! Your first necklace has so much going on, so much to take it. . .it’s mesmerizing. However, your second necklace is the one I would most likely wear too. I adore that you used something you found on the sidewalk, as I do that too!! Terrific job.

  4. Oh wow – I love all the different elements you have in that first necklace and thanks for explaining it all. The second necklace just took my breath away! Oh my!!! Wonderful pieces!!!!

  5. Those are so cool. I love that you took a chance and just went for it adding the silver to the second focal. I’m discovering thats part of the joy with bead soup

  6. Dang! I read your previous post as well. This is elaborate! I love the idea of repurposing stuff found on the sidewalk and I often try stuff on to see how it sits on a real actual person, I have been known to walk araround too to see how the piece moves. Anyway, I ramble…. Your pieces are amazing!

  7. I think difficulty is good for you… you have created two gorgeous pieces. One delicate and the other strong, yet both so unique and beautiful, Great work.

  8. I love the jewel tones and the wonderful textures of the first necklace. And the second one just blows me away with all the techniques you used. Fabulous!!!!

  9. Your finished jewellery is stunning! Love the richness of Necklace No. 2 and Necklace No.1 is an artpiece that should be showcased in a gallery somewhere. It’s so modern and edgy and architectural almost – I feel it belongs in an art exhibition. Wonderful, fabulous work!

  10. Amazing, inspiring work. Loved reading all the details of your craftsmanship. Your second necklace is my favorite of this hop – unusual, playful – your pieces remind me that it’s the little details, even sometimes the obvious, the overlooked, that create great design.

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  12. I love all the different things you have going on in each necklace. So fun to read about your process and progress. Almost 2 weeks later, and I’m still hopping to see everyone’s work. Yours is quite an inspiration!!

  13. These are so amazing. That first necklace is like a salvage from the sea. The second necklace has so many interesting things going on I can’t even decide what idea I like best. You are so creative and the photography is great too.

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