Old Beads, New Beads


I was going through my workshop the other day and found a necklace I’d made for my Mother-in-Law years ago.    The necklace had five big (20-25 mm) round  beads I made on aluminum foil cores.  I’d strung them with bugle beads and crystals.   I didn’t like the overall necklace design but I liked the beads.





I dig up some more of the beads from that series that I had saved,  Most of them have inclusions or metal leaf covered  that I with translucent clay and sanded smooth.





This one has scraps  of newspaper under the layer of translucent clay.  I should play some more with this idea-maybe comics or newsprint from a local Chinese language newspaper.



And  here are some new ideas in the process of germinating.  I am not sure where I’m going with these yet.  That makes it fun.

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