What We Made at Clayathon

The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party

   A collaborative effort by the attendees of Clayathon 2013,  presented to Clayathon founder and organizer (and really cool person!!!)  Arlene Groch with gratitude,  affection and a big round of applause.

Some of the contributors: Sherman Oberson (chef),  Mary Frederici (fish),  Lisa Clarke  (napkins),  Terri Powell (wasabi peas),  Sarah Sorlien (bowl of oranges), Martha Aleo (baked potato) and Lenora Kandiner.

Here are the names of more contributors.  Thanks Robin and Sarah!

Sandra Donohue (pizza),   Jenn Dorion (salmon mousse), Lois Rosenthal (polka dot cake), Perrie Layton (orange flowers) Emily Squires Levine (bowls) Robin Milne (roses, banana and fortune cookies) Sue Springer (candy corn)

 I know that more people made things.   If I left your name out or omitted what you made, please leave a comment.



Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild Website

11 responses to “What We Made at Clayathon

    • Thanks, Jenn. Several folks signed their work, but they were on the bottom so neatly superglued to te box…. Next time I will keep a list!

  1. Lisa Clarke made the napkins. Perrie Layton made the orange flowers in the vase. Emily Levine mad the bowls. Robin Milne made the bananas. Sue Springer made the candy corn.

  2. Sondra Donahue made the pizza – which bore a striking resemblance to the real thing she made for us years ago. I think Jenn Dorion made the salmon mousse.

  3. This and “Circus Circus”, display the amazing talents of this wonderful group of artists. I am eternally grateful to all of you for your friendship, generosity, and joyful spirits!

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