Giveaway Number Three Maruti Beads

I wrote about Kashmiri  beads in last week’s post  and the lucky winner  is Debbie Thomas!!   For this third and final giveaway post,  I  have four Maruti beads donated by the eponymous Maruti Beads , plus some Kashmiri beads I didn’t include in last week’s giveaway because they look so beautiful with the Maruti beads.  


Maruti Beads

Maruti beads  combine  some of the characteristics of Kashmiri beads (polymer clay base)  with  design elements found in Maruti Bead’s copper and silver plated beads.  The addition of the fancy end caps gives these beads an a distinctive look.  Like the other offerings from Maruti beads, they are all hand made.  


Kashmiri beads

I mentioned that I didn’t give away all the Kashmiri beads last week.  I am including them in this week’s giveaway because I absolutely love the way they look with the Maruti beads.


Don’t they look awesome together?  Of course you don’t have to use them together  but I am already designing jewelry in my head.


I have four each of the Maruti beads and round Kashmiri beads, and eight of the tube Kashmiri beads for one lucky person who wins this weeks’ giveaway.

Maruti Beads makes  Lac Beads,   Shamballa Bracelets  and other goodies.   You can reach them on any of the following social media links or at their website.

And now for the giveaway information.

One lucky winner will receive all the beads you see in this post 16  beads in all.

To enter,  leave a comment by June 26, 2013 telling me  what colors you like  most in jewelry you make or wear.

I will choose the winner at random  and send the beads off to their new home.

5 responses to “Giveaway Number Three Maruti Beads

  1. I must confess that silver and blue is my favorite combo to work with. I love that the two colors are so calming and cooling together.
    Thank you for this giveaway offer! fingers crossed!

  2. I love soft combinations of purples and mauves, But I also find myself working with shades of blue — turquoise, teal, ocean colours — more often than not. Thanks again for the chance to win!

  3. I wear a lot of greens and love green black and silver as a combination , but when I am jeans and t shirting it … then blues turquoise and silver always looks great . The beads are gorgeous , and I agree the Kashmiri and maruti look good together . Trying not to think what I would make too much , but it would be fantastic to win …

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