Nikola Tesla, Beads and Me

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-born inventor who made major contributions to the development of the AC electricity system that we use today.   His  experiments  to learn of the effect that lightning storms had on the earth revealed evidence of  terrestrial stationary waves which indicated that planet earth was an excellent conductor of electricity.  And this is the basis of wireless technology.   (The Internet is full of information on this topic if you care to read more about it.)

In 1899, Tesla conducted  an experiment  at his laboratory in Colorado Springs that was reported to have  produced  100 foot long lightning bolts before it blew a dynamo  at the El Paso Electric Company.  Not shabby.

What does that have to do with beads or me?  Well may you ask.  When I made the polymer clay beads, you see below,  some of them reminded me of lightning and electric waves.  And I took the pictures with an iPad which is a wonderful example of wireless technology.  Tesla is known in some quarters as the “Master of Lightning” so I call these “Tesla Beads”  despite the fact that my Italian American father was fond of reminding me that Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio-another example of wireless technology.

You’ll have to admit that the name “Marconi Beads”  does not evoke the same kind of image.  It just reminds  me of pasta and then I get hungry. 

Here are some pictures.  The round beads are hollow and I formed the cores on marbles up to 40mm.  I described the technique in this post.


5 responses to “Nikola Tesla, Beads and Me

  1. Love the beads and the history! However, I need to point out that after years in court, Tesla was awarded the patent for the radio in 1943, when Marconi’s patents were deemed invalid. Tesla had patented and demonstrated a radio-controlled boat in 1898. See for more information. All of us who work in polymer clay owe Teslaj–AC powers our ovens!

  2. Well, my friend, you’ve done it again. The beads are lovely; the bracelets are wearable and beautiful. I loved your little history lesson.

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