Melanie West Naturally!

Melanie West skidded into town from Maine last week  to teach a class for the Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild.

wpid-wp-1416257389115.jpegMelanie looks amused  as she shows how to use Ultra Soft Sculpey to make big forms, which are baked, carved,  laminated with canes, trimmed, baked, carved, sanded- it’s a labor intensive process and definitely not for the “make-n-take” crowd.


But here is the result of Melanie’s  labor- her bangles are light, sturdy, colorful and as smooth as a baby’s bottom.


Here is Melanie wearing one of her big bead necklaces while Ellen Marshall is deciding which of Melanie’s pieces to add to her own collection.  (Hint: See the first picture).

And here are my efforts to take Melanie’s process and add my twist to it.    While I like the basic shapes, the lamination experiments are  not so good.


But I am interested in pursuing the carving aspect and seeing where I can take it.


If you would like to see some prime examples of Melanie’s work that include her recent foray into vessels, go to her website here.

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