My Father’s Watchmaking Bench



I was so inspired by the class that I took with Richard and Jane Salley last week that I finally decided to set up my Dad’s old watchmaking bench to make jewelry. My brother gave it to me ten years ago. It’s solid oak and I don’t know where my Father found it, but he refinished it and replaced missing parts. I will make a few modifications, like removing the strip of molding from the front so I can clamp on my bench pin. Or mounting a piece of wood on top with a curve cut for the bench pin and room underneath for storage. It has a sweeps drawer so it’s perfect for sawing.

Here are some modifications I have made so far

A magnetic strip to hold files


and a rack for hammers that I made with wood strips, metal brackets, and a few nuts and bolts.


I am still processing the class and will write more about it next week.

One response to “My Father’s Watchmaking Bench

  1. Martha, this is incredible. What a project of love and creativity. I envision an invisible cloud of creativity surrounding this bench every time you are near. Your father would be proud . . .

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