People Who Clay Together. . .

Stay together?  Not always, but it certainly seems to be the case with  the South Jersey Clayathon that Arlene Groch has sponsored for the last 11 years with the help of some dedicated volunteers including Susan GrossSherman Oberson and Joyce Miskowitz.  I have attended it since it began and am looking forward to going this year.



Clay charms and Clayathon logo designed by by Robin Milne

Laura Tabakman is this years’ guest artist.  I love her work and look forward to  her presentations.


But most of all,  I am looking forward to sitting in front of the fireplace in the lobby of the Stockton Seaview Resort with old and new friends and sharing stories and a cup of something comforting.


2 responses to “People Who Clay Together. . .

  1. Thanks – I’m almost packed and ready for the big transfer to the hotel with donations, simmons slicer, jool tool, an oven, some clay and clay tools and more paints, fabric, sewing notions —- and a sewing machine! [oh yes – and a small suitcase of clothes.] All because I can’t decide what I’ll want to do during the few hours at a time that I can sit at my worktable. But I’m sooo looking forward to seeing you and all of our other Clayathon friends. Arlene

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