Friendship in South Philly

I recently taught a class on making friendship bracelets at the East Passyunk Community Recreation Center on the corner of 11th and Mifflin Streets in South Philadelphia.  The building that houses the recreation center site has occupied the site for more than 25 years, but when the City  did not renew the lease with its long-term tenant, the East Passyunk community came together to make the center more accessible to the community and to offer more varied programs and activities.  Read more about this transition here.


Friendship bracelets are one type of handmade friendship token that people have been exchanging since time immemorial. (I first learned to make friendship bracelets in summer camp. But I was not a camper I was a counselor and the kids taught me!)




I thought that sitting around a table and learning how to make bracelets would be a good way for people to get to know one another.  And I think I was right.


The East Passyunk Community Recreation Center is committed to involving the community in its activities and in offering them a space to come together. Friendship bracelet workshops are only one way to do this. To see what else the CRC has to offer, go to their Facebook page.

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