Holiday Time in Fairmount Park

It’s holiday time and if you are trolling the Internet, it is probably to do last minute shopping or find recipes.  If you want to take a break, I invite you to have a look at some pictures I took on a tour of three of the Fairmont Park Mansions.

Strawberry Mansion15-smoutside


Lemon Hill Mansion



Woodford Mansion



A couple of years ago,  Liberty Place hosted a delightful holiday exhibit of the Fairmount Park Mansions interpreted in gingerbread.  If you would like to read about the exhibit, click here.  And if you want to compare the gingerbread mansions with the real mansions, click on the links below.

Strawberry Mansion in Gingerbread

Lemon Hill in Gingerbread

Woodford Mansion in Gingerbread

Learn more about the Fairmont Park Mansions here.

Thank you to  the East Passyunk Community Recreation Center  and Councilperson Mark Squilla for organizing and sponsoring the tour.




2 responses to “Holiday Time in Fairmount Park

  1. The tour looks terrific. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Freeman’s recently auctioned off some items from Lemon Hill. I hope their absence did not impact the interior too much.

    • Thanks. It is my understanding that the Colonial Dames who managed Lemon Hill for many years and who owned all of the furniture inside Lemon Hill decided to refocus their energies on educational projects so they gave up their role in Lemon Hill and they auctioned off all the furniture for their scholarship fund. Most of Lemon Hill is still empty but there were some contributions so it could be open for holiday tours.

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